09 Jun/14

Beautiful Beaufort West

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Beaufort West

Before everyone was rushing to get on the earliest flight, people took leisurely road trips that took days or even a week to travel our glorious country. There were many many “Pitstops” but no other place was as well visited as Beaufort West. Driving from Cape Town to Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and even Durban (around Lesotho), or driving from those areas to Cape Town.

Once you have reached Beaufort West you have officially reached the gorgeous Karoo, if you are going to stay here for a day or maybe even two I can recommend you go and visit the Three Sisters. It is named after the three significant hilltops you see when you drive on the N1 between Beaufort West and Victoria West. Beautiful guestfarms will mistify you with Karoo tranquillity and hospitality of the best. Plenty of game species and a delicious padstall awaits the wary traveller.

Beaufort West itself is quite a “dull” town, mainly a place to stay over, however you are in the Karoo and that is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With an almost unnaturally bright and startling blue sky and the most amazing landscapes with nature at its best, the Beaufort West Region boasts a healthy climate and beautiful weather all year around. The endless horizon will give you the feeling of complete isolation from the rest of the world. With no cellphone reception in some areas you can almost touch the silence and everyone deserves a break from reality! A feeling of inner peace and relaxation will recharge your senses. They say, the Karoo is the place where you can hear God think.

A huge smile, the warmest hospitality and always the feeling of being very welcome, a trade mark of the Karoo, awaits you everywhere you go and is a sheer overwhelming and humbling experience.

The Karoo will take you back in time. To recently past centuries, with stunningly beautiful Victorian, Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture, to name but a few. With many vintage cars and even donkey carts still being modes of every­day transport. You can even go back thousands of years if you like, when visiting one of the numerous mystic sites of bushman paintings and engravings to learn more about the fascinating culture of the San, the first inhabitants of this area. If you are more of a archaeological fanatic you will want to go back even further than that! Dinosaur fossils, millions of years old and scattered in the open veld all around Beaufort West and the Central Karoo, with many of them not even discovered yet. Stunning rock formations of the same age or older will leave you in awe.

Beaufort West is definitely a gorgeous place to get back in touch with nature even if it is only for the night. Drive through, stay for Lunch or preferably stay the night there are many different guest houses, B&B’s and hotels for your liking.

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