02 Jul/14

The Best Places for a Pitstop

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The best part of a road trip is all the stops you make along the way. When you’re from the city, it’s always interesting to explore the tiny towns that you never hear about, and take in the scenic views and the glorious silence. Here’s the short list of tiny towns around Cape Town that are worth stopping in:


 North of Cape town, Paternoster is exactly what you’d picture when you think of an old little fishing town. Quaint, shuttered little houses line the streets, which reach all the way to the beach. Depending on the season, the town is surrounded typically with South African fynbos and wildflowers which create an even more inviting vibe.  While Paternoster has become a popular place for snorkelling and other water sports, it keeps to its heritage of fishing. The town’s fisherman set out every morning from the beach, and any visitors would be robbed of the Paternoster experience due to not stopping off to buy some fresh snoek straight off the boats.


 Rather than calling this a town, I would rather refer to is as dainty Village. Being off course of any highways or direct routes, it would be a great shame to miss this little haven, and it is fairly easy to miss out so keep a keen eye for the turn off. It’s perfectly nestled in the country side, with stunning views of the Langeberge Mountains. The silence is a good getaway from the fast pace of the city, and because it’s so isolated, fruit farming is a huge part of life in Barrydale.  If the views of the mountains aren’t enough, the orchards and fruit farms surrounding the town is one of its best features, whether to admire from afar, or explore thoroughly.  Barrydale has become an increasingly popular pitstop, and is filled with interesting little cafes, as well as craft and confectionery shops that are typical to small towns and always worth a look.


Like Barrydale, Darling is a picturesque little country town. Situated North of Cape Town, this little town has been quite a tourist attraction for years. Possibly best known for their ambassador, Satirist Pieter Dirk Uys and his alter ego, Darling’s Evita se Peron Theatre is a big draw for the little town, which otherwise has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere where you might find duck ponds and tree lined streets. Hidden throughout the little town, one might also find a number of cafes of B&Bs, perfect for people passing through. Darling is famous for its wildflowers, which make for a spectacular sight when in bloom, both in and around the town, and it’s worth stopping for a stroll.

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