24 Jun/14

The Durban July Fever

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Making a trip up to Durban for the winter? Get caught up in July fever and splurge on a ticket to the Durban July, the much anticipated race of South Africa’s best thoroughbreds and a showcase for its top designers. Held annually at the Greyville Racecourse, the Durban July event has more to offer than a plain old horse race. The best horses in South Africa line up for a thrilling sprint around the track, spurred on by spectators clad in the year’s leading fashion fads. This year, the anticipation climaxes on the 5th of July in one of the country’s most highly esteemed events on the social calendar.

Race enthusiasts are encouraged to bet on their top choices, and the high stakes always add a boost to the excitement.  The calibre of the horses listed for the race every year is a clear indication that the competition is always fierce and supporters can expect a suspenseful close race.

Far from being the centres of attention, the horses share the spotlight with the many new designers, vying for the honours of being crowned the best new thing in the fashion world. What better place to show off your style than at a horse race? Pre-race fashion shows, as well as race-day fashion shows, are always held for the fashion lovers in attendance and the theme always manages to bring some show stopping outfits out of the woodwork.

If that’s not enough to catch your attention, the many entertainment tents will show off a string of home grown South African DJs, performing throughout the event. The organisers always manage to procure a mix of South African artists to satisfy all tastes, and it only gets better every year. Certain marquees have even become a main attraction in past years, and it’s always a reflection of Durban flavour.

If you’re looking for some sophisticated excitement during your holiday, satisfying your July fever should definitely be on your list of things to do. The Durban July covers entertainment for all tastes, and allows you to play, dress up and rub shoulders with a host of South African celebrities, before going off and enjoying the after party festivities. As for getting the Durban experience, the Durban July says it all in the name. As Durban’s biggest event, it definitely showcases many aspects of Durban life, from the flavour in the music to the flair in the fashion and the zest of the people.

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