07 Sep/15

The Hermanus Whale Festival

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Hermanus Whale Fest

Given that Hermanus is one of the prime areas for whale spotting in the world, it stands to reason that it would host the annual Two Oceans Whale Festival. From the 2 to the 2 October, tourists will flood the little town to take advantage of the spectacular view from the cliffs surrounding the beaches and spend a few days whale-watching.

The festival marks the peak whale-watching season, when the Southern Right Whales migrate into the bays of Hermanus. The cliffs around the town are popular platforms to view the phenomenon, though many prefer to be closer to the action. Walking tours follow the whales around the bay, and boat trips allow visitors a more intimate view of the marine giants. Many brave adventurers even kayak around the bay for the complete adrenaline-filled experience. Visitors are not only able to view the whales in a natural setting; the whale festival also serves to educate people about the endangered species.

The exhibition is the only enviro-arts festival in South Africa. When not whale-watching, visitors can browse the many eco-marine displays or even stop for a viewing of the educational shows to learn more about the remarkable creatures. While education is an important part of the festival, the entertainment is never far away. One can expect to see not just whales in the town, but also markets with masses of food stalls and arts and crafts, and even a fairground for the kids. Comedy shows are a popular attraction for viewing entertainment, and top South African musicians are recruited for the live concerts held throughout the week.

As the best whale-watching destination in the world, the Hermanus Festival in an unforgettable experience.  Dozens of whales are spotted during every peak season, and the sea cliffs allow for a breath-taking viewing experience of their interactions in a natural setting. And what better way to understand their behaviour than by getting clued up at the eco-marine presentations? Follow that up with top notch entertainment for every taste, and the little town sounds like the perfect escape for a mini holiday.

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