15 Oct/15

Why RBS Car Hire is for You

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Hiring a car can be a long, complicated hassle, and you can easily be blindsided by a string of hidden charges. RBS has a helpful and friendly staff to handle all your inquiries, and has simplified the hiring process to a quick and easy-to-follow online system.

What does RBS offer?

RBS offers a wide selection of reliable vehicles for all passenger needs, and any kind of trip. A variety of add-ons are also available for customer convenience, making RBS perfect for any situation, from business usage to family trips.

How do you hire a car from RBS?

The RBS website allows you to hire a car in just 3 easy and convenient steps:

Select a vehicle from the available options, and specify your pick-up and drop-off dates

Fill in your personal details, and request any of the available add-ons with the car.

Answer the security question to receive your email confirmation of the booking.

How much does RBS cost?

RBS hiring rates are all inclusive. There are no nasty additional fees to consider. This coupled with the low excess on all vehicles makes RBS a very affordable and reliable option. If you’re sticking to a budget plan for a trip, RBS is a safe decision, and simple to plan around.

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